For Fundraisers

Raise more money. Streamline your operations.

At GiftTool we have one aim: To help you put more of your funds to good use. We do this by developing secure software solutions that help your donors and supporters spread the word about your organization's cause, by streamlining your operations with effortless automation. By harnessing the power of the Internet you can increase your donor base, boost fundraising efforts, reach a broader audience and build strong, loyal relationships.

Raise more money. Streamline your operations.

With GiftTool, you can also create gift options that match donor preferences, and quickly get out your message to the right person at the right time. We have a proven track record of working in tandem with non-profits across Canada, the US and around the world to help them generate more money, reach a broader audience, and automate to reduce costs.

Top 10 Benefits for Fundraisers

  1. Grow your donor base - quickly, easily, effortlessly!
  2. Give your donors a secure and reliable way to make donations 24/7 while visiting your website. Quickly create multiple online giving forms to meet your strategic needs, automatically issue tax receipts and handle recurring monthly and quarterly donations. Quite simply, it's never been easier to raise more money with our Online Donations service.

  3. Inspire donors to send automatic eCards acknowledging their gift.
  4. Setup an additional donation page allowing donors to choose from your organization's eCard designs, scheduling cards to be emailed to one or more friends. By including a link back to your site in the eCard, you can spread your message and encourage more donations through the Online Donations service.

  5. Pain-free fundraising event coordination.
  6. Build stronger relationships with your supporters and maximize attendance. From automating the sign-up process to robust real-time reporting, we take the tedious handling out of event coordination with our Event Registrar service.

  7. Empower supporters to raise more money and spread the word.
  8. Give your strongest supporters the tools to easily tap into their personal networks to raise more money and mobilize other volunteers with a convenient, effective way to solicit donations from friends and family over the Internet. Individuals or teams can easily measure progress according to their fundraising goals. Take a look at our Pledge-a-thon service.

  9. Attract new supporters with an online Giving Catalogue.
  10. Supporters can get involved in innovative, new ways by selecting a personal virtual gift for a loved one. Your supporter can see exactly where their money goes and instead of shipping the item, you send a notice to the person honoured with the alternative gift. Or, setup a separate department for your merchandise sales to collect the shipping address. Seamlessly integrate our Shopping Cart service into your website.

  11. Get insightful constituent feedback.
  12. Create professional online surveys to assess the needs or opinions of your volunteer staff or supporters to build loyalty and engagement. And our reports allow you to drill down through your data and get meaningful insights. It's easy with our Surveys and Tests service.

  13. More high quality service with less administration.
  14. Save time and money by automating membership/supporter verification, sign-up and reporting. Enhance supporter loyalty by offering access to members-only content with our Membership Management service.

  15. Monitor, measure and succeed!
  16. One of the things that really sets GiftTool apart is the ability to measure and monitor through a series of goal-driven powerful reports and analytics tools. GiftTool reporting can enhance your ability to track results and learn from past campaigns, improving results over time.

  17. GiftTool makes it easy to stay on-brand.
  18. You get custom solutions to exactly match your website design without the custom price. GiftTool, customers interact with your site. GiftTool will format all template pages to identically match your website with all navigation links. The end result? A better user experience and a look that puts your brand, vision and message first and foremost.

  19. Robust, proven and secure.
  20. GiftTool's system is built to handle an extremely high level of transaction volumes and concurrent users. You benefit from constant service upgrades and new user-requested features. Our ecommerce solutions employ the latest encryption technology meeting Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards-- to ensure credit card payments are secure before, during, and after every transaction.

But don't take our word for it, see what some of our clients are saying. or call GiftTool at 1.877.665.8665 to set up a free demo. Already convinced? Go ahead, get started with GiftTool now.

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