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How do I add an 'Add to Cart' form to a web site?

By placing an 'Add to Cart' form in your Web site, you can link your Web site directly to the Add to Cart page for a given complicated product with multiple choices of sizes, colours, or other selections. To add a simple product with no or limited choice, simple paste an Add to Cart link in your Web site.

You can also use ‘Add to Cart’ forms in conjunction with your electronic promotional activities. Consider adding one or more ‘Add to Cart’ links to your eNewsletters and other email campaigns, when you want to highlight new or seasonal offerings to your customers.

  1. From the Web Site Links section of the Shopping Cart menu, choose Add to Cart.
  2. Click on the Add to Cart Forms tab.
  3. In the Example Box, modify the HTML code with the actual Product ID number (PID=???) of your intended product and other relevant information.
    • If you are using the optional SKU numbers, you must also include this SKU number (SKU=???).
    • Links shown are in English. To modify a link for your French eStore, change LNG=EN to LNG=FR.
  4. Copy the HTML code associated with a product whose 'Add to Cart' form will be linked directly from your Web pages or promotional campaigns.
  5. Paste the HTML code into your Web site or promotional campaign.

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