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How do I record an offline registration payment or refund?

When participants pay their registration fees by cheque or cash, you can record payments received, or credit adjustments for refunds, in the Pledge-a-thon order profiles. You can also use this functionality to record a refund issued to a donor with a cancelled donation.

To manually record a offline payment or refund:

  1. Click Pledge-a-thon to view the Main Menu of this service.
  2. From the Administration section, choose Participants.
  3. Locate the Pledge-a-thon order profile by searching for the Pledge-a-thon participant.
  4. Click Profile next to the order profile you have chosen.
  5. In the Athon Order Transactions section, click Offline Payments next to the Order ID.
  6. Record your offline Payment Amount and whether the amount was Received (from the customer) or Paid Out (to the customer). For example:
    • If you have received $100, enter a Payment Amount of $100 and select Received from the drop down menu.
    • If you are refunding $100 back to the customer for a cancelled transaction, enter a Payment Amount of $100 and select Paid Out from the drop down menu. You can also use this setting when correcting an amount that was mistakenly made.
    • Note that minus signs will be ignored by the system. Instead you must select Paid Out, if the amount is to be reversed.
  7. Select the Payment Method for the amount received or refunded (Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Debit Card, Gift Card, Money Order, ACH - Automated Clearing House, ECP - Electronic Cheque Payments, EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer, Coupon, Other).
  8. Select the Payment Status of the payment (Paid, Pending, Declined, NSF - Non-Sufficient Fund, Cancelled).
  9. Enter your initials or name to keep track of who recorded the payment.
  10. Add an optional note (i.e. Cheque number, payment gateway authorization code).
  11. Click Save Changes done.
  12. The Balance Due for this order will be adjusted by this amount.

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