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How do I add an Event Listing link to my website?

Copy the Event Listing link to your Web site to route visitors to a web page that lists all of your organization's active events. This list will be instantly updated when you Activate or Archive an event. Useful if you don't want to modify your site too often.

  1. From the General Settings section of the Registrar service, choose Web Site Links 
  2. Locate the Event Listing Link. There may be more than one if you have other languages and template versions.
  3. Copy the full http:// address (double click the URL link to highlight the text and right-click on the mouse selecting Copy).
  4. Paste the link to a page of your Web site.
    • The link can be associated with an image, button, or text.
    • Test your links once you go live. When testing links do not click submit on the final page to avoid processing your transaction.

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