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How do I change a donation appeal form?

Modify the content and layout of your donation appeal form, as well as, your confirmation messages. Note that if you have added Targeted Giving Programs to this appeal form, you will need to seperately update the setup of each Targeted Giving Program as described in step 6 below.

  1. Click Donations to view the Main Menu of this service
  2. From the Setup section, click Manage Appeals
  3. Click Change next to the appeal you would like to modify.
  4. Learn more about modifying each section of your appeal.
    • Note: When adding a new section to your already-saved appeal form, the section will be automatically added to the bottom of the appeal form. Nevertheless, you can change the order of the sections on the Pages tab, by dragging/dropping the new section to the desired location.
  5. Remember to click the Update & Next button at the bottom of any page you modify, and when finished you must click the Save button to save your work to the system.
  6. Separately, you can also modify Targeted Giving Programs included in this appeal.

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