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Why did we not receive the confirmation email?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the delivery of emails. There are a variety of reasons why a confirmation email, although sent by our server, was not received by your customer or coordinator:

  1. The email address entered is incorrect and could not be delivered.
  2. The email could not be delivered to your inbox for any of the following reasons: local or network spam filters, full inboxes, email relay systems are down, etc.
    • Speak to your IT professional to determine why the email was not delivered to your inbox.
  3. Our system is sending confirmation emails on behalf of the Coordinator. If the recipient's Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is set to strict, it may not allow emails from a third party domain ( that is not listed as the sender email (

    To avoid this issue, you can add and as authorized senders, by following these instructions:

    • Go into the DNS server for your organization's email (
    • Look for a txt record that says SPF with IP’s or domain names listed
    • Add and to the list


  • Since sent emails may not always get delivered, please review your reports on a routine basis to get the full picture of all your transactions, as all your data is updated instantly when a transaction is processed.
  • Alternatively, you can quickly view each new order in the Administration section of each service.  The most recent Donation or Shopping Cart orders will be listed at the top of the page, while the most recent Event Registrar, Pledge-a-thon, or Membership orders will be listed at the bottom of the page.
  • Confirmation emails are not stored in the system and therefore cannot be resent.  Nevertheless, for the Event Registrar service, use Send Messages to send an email to one or more registrants with the latest status of their order.

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