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How do I automatically send GiftTool data to my custom application?

Automatically send GiftTool transaction data to your custom application in XML format.

With the correct access codes, GiftTool will automatically connect to your external database to send transaction data in real time. Such as...When a new order is processed online, or when you modify an order or profile, or when you import new members; import pledges. (every few hours over multiple days).

To configure your GiftTool account to integrate with your custom application or database:

  1. Login to GiftTool and click Account in the top right corner.
  2. Click Custom API in the Data Sharing section.
  3. Select "Custom Application" as the Connection Type and click Add Connection.
  4. Enter the secure URL address of your custom application provided by your developer (must begin with "https://...").
  5. Enter the username & password provided by your developer to authenticate your connection.
  6. Enter the Key Contact name and email for notifications related to data sharing.
  7. Click Save & Test Connection to have your custom application validate that your username & password are correct and will accept data.
    • Passed = Your external database has authorized your data sharing connection.
    • Failed = Your external database failed to authorize the last data sharing attempt.
    • Closed = Your external database has asked that this data sharing connection be closed.
  8. Once the connection has been authorized, GiftTool will automatically send all past, future and modified orders to your custom application in XML format.
  9. Please note:
    • When a Data Sharing connection is being established, we will send to your URL some XML that includes the username and password you provided. In response, your app needs to respond with this XML or we won't save the connection setup details and won't send you any data:
    • When we then send you customer order data you will need to respond with the following XML:
      If "authorized" is not "true" then we know we have the wrong username or password.
      If "successful" is not "true" then maybe you are having trouble on your end and we will try sending the data again in a while.
      If "active" is not "true" then you are telling us that your account is no longer active and we should not send data to it.

Is there a playground to view & send sample API data?

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