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Is there a playground to send sample API data?

Automatically send GiftTool transaction data to your custom application in XML format using a Data Share API. To test the data share connection, use the following.

To send sample data to your application:

  1. Click the following link
  2. Enter the username & password required by your application to accept the sample data.
    • This should be the username and password that you want us to include when sending data, so that you can authenticate that the data is coming from GiftTool.
    • Do not use the data sent by us, if the username and password included with the data does not match what you have entered.
    • This username you use can also identify which account on your end you want to input the data into.
  3. Enter the URL address to which the system will send the XML sample data. Must be a secure link.
  4. Select the API Customer Type for which the sample data will be sent:
            GiftTool Service API Customer Type
      Donations Donor
      Event Registrar Registrant
      Membership Member
      Pledge-a-thon Participant
      Pledge-a-thon Pledger
      Shopping Cart Shopper
  5. To test the receipt of larger volumes, enter the number of xml copies (between 1-99). All the copies will be the same.
  6. Click Send XML.

There's no limit to the number of sends per day you can make using the GiftTool Data Sharing API. However, we reserve the right to block any use that we regard as abusive. If you think you need to make more than 10,000 XML sends per day, please let us know by mailing an estimate to

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