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Why was a receipt not sent out automatically?

If you are finding that one or more of your tax receipts are not being sent out automatically, addressing the following issues may easily resolve the problem or identify why a receipt cannot be issued:

Step 1 - Was the donation made in Canadian dollars? Back to Top

Tax receipts are only issued to donations made in Canadian dollars. 

This allows you to collect donations in other currencies and only issue Canadian tax receipts to donors making donations in Canadian funds. Thus limiting the number of redundant receipts issued to foreign donors who are unable to claim Canadian tax receipts.

Step 2 - Did the donor provide all the required information? Back to Top

In order for a Canadian eTax Receipt to be issued, the donor must provide a valid email, as well as, a complete address (first name, last name, street address, city, province, postal code).

To issue a receipt after the fact with all the missing information, you can manually issue a single receipt or issue mutliple receipts at once by importing an Excel spreadsheet.

Step 3 - Is the activity setup for eTax receipts? Back to Top

The specific Donation Appeal, Pledge-a-thon, Event or Membership form must be setup for tax receipting.

If you wish to enable tax receipts for this form moving forward:

Step 4 - Is the donation amount less than the required minimum? Back to Top

The donation amount must be greater than or equal to the minimum donation amount specified in the setup of your Donation Appeal, Pledge-a-thon, Event or Membership.

Step 5 - Are there sufficient receipt numbers to issue new receipts? Back to Top

If there are insufficient receipt numbers available, a receipt will not be issued. To remedy the situation:

  • Enter your range of eTax receipt numbers to be used for all future receipts.
  • To issue a receipt after the donation has been completed online, you can manually issue a single receipt or issue multiple receipts at once by importing an Excel spreadsheet.
Step 6 - Has it been less than 48 hours since the donation was made? Back to Top

Tax receipts are usually sent within a few minutes after the online donation is made, or after you click the button to send receipts for offline donations. Occasionally, during periods of heavy activity or system maintenance, it may take up to 48-72 hours for a receipt to be issued. 

A list of pending tax receipts will be included in the Manage Receipts section, as well as, in the eTax Receipt report. The Pending status will change to Issued once the e-receipt has been sent.

Step 7 - Is your account setup for eTax receipts? Back to Top

If your account has been setup for Canadian eTax receipting, you will be able to preview your e-tax receipt.

If not, activate your account for Canadian eTax Receipting.

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