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How do I view or modify a member order profile?

You can search for member orders by membership name, or by using member-specific search criteria. Entering a partial name into the search field is an effective way of choosing from multiple orders. The search function looks through all orders, and categorizes the search results by the criteria you choose.

Each time a registrant signs up for a membership, an order is created. Depending upon how you have set up your memberships, a member may have signed up for multiple memberships with different expiry dates, resulting in multiple orders. Changes to payment methods or order cancellations will create a new order. Changes to contact information do not create a new order.

To view or modify a member order profile:

  1. From the Administration section of the Membership menu, choose Members.
  2. There are 2 ways to search for a member:
    • Click the List All button to see a full list of all members
    • Or, choose one or more search criteria from the drop-down lists and click Search.
      • To narrow the search, enter your information into one or more fields. You can enter individual letters or partial names to narrow the search.
      • A member may have multiple orders associated with the same Member Profile for each renewed membership.
  3. Click Profile beside the member whose profile you which to view or modify.
  4. From the Member's Profile, you can:
    • Click a button to Login to Member Area
    • Click Expand Profile to view and modify the email address and other demographic information collected, and click Save Profile when finished.
    • Enter an optional comment to the profile, and click Save Comment when finished.
    • Click Change to modify the Start Date or End Date of the member's membership, and click Save Membership when finished.
    • Record offline payments and adjustments
    • Activate a pending membership
    • Archive a membership

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