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How do I register someone for hidden registrant types?

If you have setup Registrant Types that are hidden from your public pages (such as Speakers, Volunteers, VIP Complimentary), your staff can register them from the BackOffice as follows:

  1. From the Registrar tab of the BackOffice, choose the blue button labelled Registrants.
  2. Select the tab marked Manual Registration.
  3. Complete the event registration form:
    • This will look like your public page, except that hidden registrant types (if any, such as Speaker, Volunteer, Complimentary) will now be available options, along with all payment methods on the final payment page.
    • If you are not using the Pay at the door payment option, you can rename this offline payment method in your event setup to be "Payment previously received – thank you!" and make sure it does not show to the public.
    • A registration confirmation is shown on screen, with a confirmation email sent to the address recorded during registration. If you do NOT wish to send a confirmation email to the registrant, then check the box beside their email on the final payment screen before clicking submit.

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