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How do I issue a single receipt?

Manually issue an electronic tax receipt for a cash or cheque donation received outside the regular online donation process. This system was not designed for "gifts in kind".

Note: There are separate instructions to:

To issue a single receipt:

  1. Click Donations to view the Main Menu of this service.
  2. From the Canadian E-Tax Receipts section, choose Issue Single.
  3. Enter the email address, donor name and contact information to appear on the receipt. If the tax receipt is to be issued in a company's name, you can split the company name across both fields (First Name: ACME; Last Name: Inc.) or you can include both the name of the individual as well as the company name (First Name: ACME Inc.; Last Name: c/o John Smith).
  4. Enter the amount of the donation.
  5. Optionally, only if you have enabled this is the tax receipt setup, enter a Fund Name and/or select a Targeted Giving Program to appear on the eTax Receipt. See example with the name highlighted in red. If both the Fund and the Targeted Giving Program names are included in the tax receipt, then the Fund name will appear above the Targeted Giving Program.
  6. Click default to populate the draft email message that accompanies the tax receipt, making any changes as required.
    • For example, in the Greeting field, enter a greeting prefix (Hi, Hello, Dear) and choose how the greeting should address the donor (first name vs. full first & last name).
  7. When satisfied with your email message, click Issue Receipt.
    • These receipts will be automatically emailed to the donor on behalf of the coordinator associated with your receipt, once you click Issue Receipt.
    • Copies of these manual eTax receipts will be stored in the Manage Receipts section along with the automatically issued receipts. These manual receipts will also be listed in the Canadian eTax Receipts report. The Order ID autogenerated by the system will start with the letter B (for "bulk"), and will not be linked to an original donation Order ID.
    • There is a cost of $0.35 per electronic tax receipt manually issued.


  • If you do not have an email address for the donor, you can have the receipt sent to your own email address. The receipt is envelope-ready, so that it can be printed, folded and inserted into a windowed #10 envelope, with the mailing address correctly appearing in the window.

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