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How do I remove the questions preceding the answers in Excel?

If you have included Questions or the Other 1 - 6 personal information fields in your online forms (Event, Appeal, Pledge-a-thon, Membership), both the question and the answer will appear in your Excel report for the Total Orders or Custom reports.

To remove the question that preceeds each response from your Excel file, follow these quick steps.

  1. Copy the exact text to be removed from the cell by:
    • Right click on the cell and highlight the exact text to be removed
    • Right click on the highlighted text and select copy
  2. Using the Replace function within the menu system at the top of your Excel document:
    • Paste the text to be removed into the "Find What" field
    • Leave the "Replace with" field blank
    • Click Replace All
    • This will delete all instances of the question in your Excel file.
  3. Save the file to your hard drive.

Alternatively, you can split the content of a cell into multiple cells in Excel.

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