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Sample Shipping Method: ShipEx Customer Account

When setting up shipping methods, you can also choose to let customers charge shipping to their own courier account. Customers provide their courier account numbers during the checkout process. You notify the shipping company when the order is ready for pick-up, and the order is charged to the customer.

Here is an example of how to create a shipping method for "ShipEx Customer Account" (see example):

  1. From the Delivery Methods section of the Shopping Cart service menu, choose Shipping.
  2. Click Add Shipping Method.
  3. In the Method Name, enter "ShipEx Customer Account".
  4. For Delivery Time, enter "Next day (when in stock)".
  5. Choose the Currency for this delivery method. The Shipping Method will only be displayed to customers purchasing in this currency.
  6. Choose the Language for this delivery method. The Shipping Method will only be displayed to customers purchasing in this language.
  7. Set all the amounts to $0.00 (base amount, minimum amount, by weight / size / price amounts).
  8. In Description of this shipping method, enter the following:

    Delivery to be handled by ShipEx . With this shipping method you must supply a valid Purolator account number to be charged. We will not charge you a shipping fee, but Purolator will bill your account. Rates generally start at $20 and increase with size, weight and destination. For detailed rates, see If ShipEx is unable to charge your account, we will charge your credit card for the cost of delivery. Special instructions should be noted in the Shipping Instructions field on the order form.

  9. Enter "Your ShipEx Customer Account Number:" in the section Allow customers to use their own courier account by requesting their courier account number.
  10. Select the countries to which this shipping method applies.  This shipping method will only be displayed for orders where the shipping destination matches the list of checked countries.
    • To select all countries in a region click Check. Or, click Uncheck to start over if a mistake was made.
  11. Click Save to add the Shipping Method to your eStore.

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