Open APIs

Provide your developers the freedom to innovate and increase the extensibility of your data with GiftTool's open APIs. Leverage your online activities by empowering your IT people to build custom apps and pull in mission-critical information with a GiftTool API. At GiftTool, our custom and Pledge-a-thon APIs give non-profits and associations the flexibility to access and integrate data seamlessly and securely.

Custom APIs

An API is automatically generated for each Custom Orders report you create, allowing you to automatically pull transaction data into your own application with a data request. Alternatively, automatically have GiftTool push data to your application when an online transaction or order modification occurs. Use Custom APIs to:

  • Give members access to your custom built content.
  • Retrieve event information for your custom widgets, dashboards, and syndicated lists.
  • Retrieve individual records or a select group of records for better constituent insights.
  • Create custom experiences for your special events using registrant-specific data.

RSS Event Feeds

Need to generate an automated list of events for a website listing? Use the GiftTool RSS event feeds to automatically pull in the latest information for your events. Split your events into categories to generate different lists. Optionally, include your full event description along with the name of each event.

Pledge-a-thon APIs

Take advantage of enhanced capabilities to motivate participants and promote your fundraising events. Automatically pull Pledge-a-thon fundraising data from GiftTool to your website, your event microsite, your social networking sites and your custom applications with a data request.

From automatically displaying the total amount raised for your walk-a-thon or other fundraiser to showcasing "Top Fundraisers" and "Top Teams" lists - the Pledge-a-thon API pulls in up-to-date information helping you to raise more funds and encourage additional giving. Events at multiple locations? No worries! It's a snap to list the overall total, along with the totals across all events.

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