Data Sharing

Eliminate the hassle of managing data across multiple, discrete silos! Easily move between data systems to save administration time and, more importantly, enhance the experience of your constituents. GiftTool helps non-profits and associations to quickly and seamlessly transfer and synchronize mission-critical information. Here's how:

Automated Data Sharing

Save administrative time, training, and the need for sophisticated IT knowledge with GiftTool's automated "hands free" process that shares data between your online and offline activities. You can have all past, future and modified GiftTool transactions automatically and securely sent to FundRaiser Software®,® or custom app written by your developer.

Custom Reports

Get integrated, accurate reports, that will enable you to retrieve and view Excel reports for each service, and create custom reports (Excel or .CSV) where you control the data. You can accommodate advanced filter logic to limit the report to your specific parameters. Create as many Custom Reports as you wish, and use them for data migration into other systems.

Raiser's Edge® Import Files

Need to import data into Raiser's Edge? Simply select the GiftTool service and date range to be imported and generate your customized import files with just one click. Upload data into Raiser's Edge, for a complete and cohesive look at all your constituents. Improve your data integrity with our Raiser's Edge Import Files.

GiftTool APIs

Generate your own custom solutions to meet special data management needs. Use GiftTool APIs to maintain data synchronization between GiftTool and an offline database. GiftTool can automatically push data, across all of our online services, to your application when an online transaction or order modification occurs. Share and leverage information, when you need it, where you need it.

Questions about how GiftTool can help integrate your data, efficiently and securely? Fill out the contact form, or call GiftTool at 1.877.665.8665 to set up a free demo.

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