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How do I add a department?

Just as customers look for products in physical stores by departments, customers coming to your eStore will search for products by department. You can create as many departments and sub-departments as your need to arrange your products into logical categories. 

Step 1 - Add a product department Back to Top

You can organize your products into departments to create logical categories. This helps customers browse, and understand where to look for products.

Product descriptions can be displayed in multiple departments. You can also add multiple levels of sub-departments by positioning department locations above or below other departments.

How do I add a product department?

  1. From the Setup section of the Shopping Cart menu, click Products & Departments.
  2. Click the Add Department button.
  3. Determine to which eStore your department should be added.
  4. Enter the Department Name.
  5. From the Department Location drop-down menu, choose a location, in relation to other departments.
    • Select Top Level Department if this department should be displayed on the same level as your other top level departments.
    • Select Sub-Department if this department should be displayed as a sub-department of the chosen department. There is no limit to the number of sub-departments you can display.
  6. Click Save.
Step 2 - Arrange the order of your product departments Back to Top

You can determine the order in which departments are shown in your eStore. Change the order of departments in the list. You can also archive departments so that they are hidden from customer view.

  1. From the Setup section of the Shopping Cart menu, click Products & Departments.
  2. In the Department Order section, reorder the position of the departments by dragging and dropping the ID number in it's new position. This changes the department position in relation to other departments.
    • Drag & Drop the Department ID number with it's comma (for example: 432, ) to the new position.
  3. Click Save Department Order.
    • Once saved, if there were any sub-departments associated with this moved department, they will also have been moved.
  4. All departments remain at their assigned level (Top Level Department versus Sub-Departments). To change the level of a department, you must change the department location in the department profile.

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