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How do I setup (or change) the storefront page?

Set up the storefront page of your eStore with a few quick steps. This becomes the page that customers will see when they come to your site—the entry to your eStore. The page can include text and graphics.

On the storefront page, customers will see your storefront content, including any graphics you have included, and the departments in your eStore. You can change the content to compose a message to customers, highlight sales specials, or reflect seasonal content.

  1. From the General Settings section of the Shopping Cart menu, choose Storefront.
  2. Enter your text into the Storefront Display field.
    • You can use the HTML editor to add text attributes, paragraph formatting, images, links and colours to your description.
    • Create a table to position an image beside a block of text.
    • When pasting text from a Microsoft document, use the "Paste as Plain Text" icon and format your text with the HTML editor icons. 
  3. Click Save

You can now preview and/or add the link to your storefront page onto your website.

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