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Can we sell raffle tickets online? [UPDATED]

Selling raffle or lottery tickets online may be subject to online gaming regulations in your area (local, provincial, state, and/or national). Although regulations are loosening up in certain jurisdictions, you must ensure that it is allowed in your region, and that you have a charitable gaming license if required.

In Canada, Section 207 (1) of the Criminal Code (Canada) indicates that it is lawful:

  • (a) for the government of a province…to conduct and manage a lottery scheme in the province…[and]
  • (b) for a charitable or religious organization, pursuant to a licence issued by the Lieutenant Governor in Council of a province…if the proceeds from a lottery scheme are used for a charitable or religious object or purpose.

Therefore, please refer to your provincial regulators to learn more about the licensing requirements in your area. For example:

NOTE: If you are in a restricted jurisdiction, the GiftTool system was not created with the online ordering of raffle or lottery tickets in mind. For example, the GiftTool system cannot restrict the order by verifying that the location of the internet service provider used by the person placing the order is located in a specific province or state.

You must ensure that your organization is legally allowed to sell raffle tickets online before offering raffle or lottery tickets for sale/order through your GiftTool service. [GiftTool is not qualified to provide legal advice. Therefore, any recommendations made does not constitute legal advice.]


  • To simply advertise your raffle online, you can do so in the Event Description and include an address or contact information so people can order tickets offline.
  • Online gaming restrictions might not apply to 'door prizes' when door prize tickets are given away for free for attending an event (speak with a qualified legal expert to learn more).
  • If you have items that you want to use for fundraising, you can always hold a silent or live auction.

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