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How do I add a storefront link to a web site?

This is the easy way to add your eStore to your web site... just add this one link (for each language of your eStore) and you don't need to add any other links, as GiftTool takes care of the rest.

  1. From the Web Site Links section of the Shopping Cart menu, choose eStore.
  2. Scan the list to search for the Storefront Link (in English, French or Spanish).
  3. Copy the storefront link.
  4. To preview the storefront page, paste the link into a browser. You can make changes to the content as required.
  5. When ready to launch, paste the link into your Web site:
    • Example A: eStore Link in the navigation menu of all pages of the Web site.
    • Example B: eStore Link in the page header of all pages of the Web site.
    • The link can be associated with an image, button, or text.
    • Test your links once you go live. When testing links do not click submit on the final page to avoid processing your transaction.

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