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Customize your eStore

GiftTool Shopping Cart service helps you set up a way to sell products over the Internet by automating the presentation and pricing, processing payments, handling shipping details, and providing reports to help you manage your eStore.  

  1. The first thing you should do is create your Policies. Your Return Policy outlines under what circumstances products can be returned, applicable time limits for returns, and refund guidelines. If you decide to charge a handling fee for returns, just let us know on a case by case basis and we will take care of it. Your General Info policy covers issues of commitment to customer satisfaction such as your privacy policy, shipping information, and any other Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Delivery Methods are easy to configure. Let us know if you require other delivery methods than those listed.
  3. If you want to restrict sales to certain countries / states / provinces only, check them off in Geographical Markets section. These regions will then be made available as choices for your customers in the check out process.
  4. You can create as many departments and sub-departments as you like.
  5. The easy-to-use Add Product wizard walks you through 9 screens to build your product:
    • Description: Help sell your product by adding an enticing product description.
    • Prices and Taxes: Set regular prices for each package size, as well as, discounted prices for bulk purchases. You can also specify the taxes and let GiftTool handle the calculations based on the shopper's shipping address.
    • Sizes and Colours: Customize the choices available to your shoppers.
    • Inventory & SKU numbers: Keep control of your product inventory. When your eStore is out of stock of a particular item, an "out of stock" message will be displayed and customers can no longer order that product.
    • Departments: Select the department when creating or editing a product. One product can be listed in a single department or in many departments.
    • Images: A picture "is worth a thousand words" and helps shoppers feel confident in their online purchase.
    • Download: Use this screen to configure electronic items that can be instantly downloaded after your shopper has completed their payment online.
    If you have a very simple product without colours or sizes, just skip those pages by clicking on the Update & Next button at the bottom to move to the next screen. Don't forget to click the Save as Draft button when you're finished.
  6. When you're ready to launch your draft product to your eStore simply activate the product from the Manage section.
  7. When you're ready to launch your eStore on your Web site pages, check out the eStore links section. This section makes it easy to find the links you need to customize the look of your Web site by linking directly to specific products, departments or checkout commands...
    ... or just add one Storefront link to keep things simple and easy! By configuring your Storefront page, you don't have to update your Web site every time you add a new product or department to your GiftTool eStore.

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