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Using the HTML editor

Composing text messages, adding images and tables with Internet Explorer can be done with an HTML editor. This lets you work in a text box that looks like a word processing environment. Clicking the HTML icon, lets you view the HTML code to change code manually or simply to see what's going on behind the scenes. Deselecting the box returns you to the editing page.

GiftTool's HTML editor helps you with your basic formatting choices: bold, underline, italic, superscript and subscript, creating lists, indenting text, and adding links to other sites. You can highlight text and click on commands that automatically format the text the way you want it to look. When you press Ctrl+Enter on a PC or Command+Enter on a MAC, the editor creates a new line. When you press Enter, the editor creates a new paragraph.

You can hyperlink text or images so that a webpage open when clicked upon, including PDF documents hosted on a webpage.

You can choose which type and size of font you want to use, and what type of paragraph you want: normal text, headings, or pre-formatted text. Pre-formatted text is when you choose to format some text differently from the surrounding text.

The HTML text editor works only on browsers that support iFrames. 

Using HTML in other text fields

You can use HTML formatting in any text field.

For fields not linked to the HTML editor, such as titles, you can add HTML formatting by:

  • Entering the HTML tags manually when you enter the text.
  • Formatting the text in the HTML editor, then copying the text and codes, from the HTML view, and pasting it in the field.

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