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How can I reconcile my bank statement?

The GiftTool Journal Report is an excellent report to help you reconcile with your Payment Gateway reports, as the Journal report lists all credit card transactions by date range across all activities. All dates displayed in GiftTool reports are based on Pacific time.

The order ID will include a letter at the beginning to indicate which service was used for this transaction:

  • D = Donation service
  • M = Membership service
  • P = Pledge-a-thon service - Online transaction
  • PP = Pledge-a-thon service - Offline pledge
  • R = Event Registrar service
  • S = Shopping Cart service

Separately, you should login to your payment gateway to access their reports for the same period. GiftTool passes on the order ID to your gateway, so that you can match transactions across both accounts.

Note: Your gateway will deduct their fees directly from your bank account, either as a seperate charge or from the money deposited into your account.  On the other hand, your GiftTool fees are NOT deducted from this desposited amount.  Instead, you can automatically pay your monthly GiftTool invoice by credit card or PAD.

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