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How do I use Copy to create a new Pledge-a-thon?

GiftTool makes it simple for you to run similar Pledge-a-thons over time. If you have a Pledge-a-thon that occurs annually or semi-annually, there is no need to rebuild the Pledge-a-thon from scratch.

Copying a Pledge-a-thon lets you create a new Pledge-a-thon based on the setup of an existing Pledge-a-thon. By copying a Pledge-a-thon, it also ensures that you start with a clean database with no participants / donations listed in the Pledge-a-thon reports.

To create a copy of an existing Pledge-a-thon:

  1. Click Pledge-a-thon to view the Main Menu of this service.
  2. From the Setup section, click Manage Pledge-a-thons. The Pledge-a-thon which you wish you copy will appear in either your Archived or Active tab.
  3. Click Profile beside the Pledge-a-thon name.
  4. Click Copy located at the bottom of the profile.
  5. Select the new Start Date and Save Copy.

Your copy of this Pledge-a-thon will appear in your Draft folder in the Manage section. The copy will have a new Pledge-a-thon #, and [Copy] will appear at the front of the Pledge-a-thon title.

Learn more about changing your Pledge-a-thon or updating your thermometer.

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