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Online Donations Video

 (28 minutes)

This video tutorial includes the following topics. You can also view one chapter at a time, by clicking the chapter links below.

  1. Getting Started: (Chapter 1 only)
    • Appeal Coordinators
    • Targeted Giving Programs
  2. Creating an Appeal - Part 1 (Chapter 2 only)
    • Create Appeal Setup
    • Create Appeal Sections: Introduction
    • Create Appeal Sections: Personal Information
    • Create Appeal Sections: Targeted Programs
    • Create Appeal Sections: In Tribute
  3. Creating An Appeal - Part 2 (Chapter 3 only)
    • Create Appeal Sections: Contribution Amount
    • Create Appeal Sections: Payment Options
    • Create Appeal Sections: Questions
    • Create Appeal Pages
    • Create Appeal Messages: On-Screen & Email Confirmations
    • Copy an Appeal
    • Preview an Appeal
    • Activate an Appeal
    • Launch an Appeal
  4. Administration (Chapter 4 only)
    • View Orders & Donor Profiles
    • Manage Recurring Donors
    • Reports

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