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What if a participant intending to pay by cheque, wants to pay by credit card?

If you have a Pledge-a-thon participant who originally registered with the "Pay by Cheque" option, but later changed his/her mind and would like to pay their registration fees using a credit card:

  1. First, log into your Payment Gateway and process the credit card transaction manually.
  2. Then, follow these steps to record the credit card payment in your GiftTool BackOffice:
    • Click Pledge-a-thon to view the Main Menu of this service.
    • From the Administration section, choose Participants.
    • Locate the Pledge-a-thon order profile by searching for the Pledge-a-thon participant.
    • Click Profile next to the order profile you have chosen.
    • In the Athon Order Transactions section, click Offline Payments next to the Order ID.
    • Record your offline credit card Payment Amount and indicate that the amount was Received (from the customer).
    • For the Payment Method, select Credit Card from drop down list.
    • For the Payment Status, select Paid from drop down list.
    • Enter your initials or name to keep track of who recorded the payment.
    • Add an optional note (i.e. payment gateway authorization code).
    • Click Save Changes done.
    • The Balance Due for this participant will be adjusted by this amount.

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