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How do I modify the contact information for an online donor?

To update the profile of a Pledge-a-thon donor who made an online credit card donation:

  1. Click Pledge-a-thon to view the Main Menu of this service.
  2. From the Administration section, click Participants.
  3. Select the Pledge-a-thon name from the drop down menu.
  4. Change the Supporter Type to Sponsor (online donor).
  5. Click Search to pull up the list of donors.  You can enter a first, last or partial name to narrow your search.
  6. Click Profile beside the online donor of interest.
  7. From the Profile:

Learn more about changing a Canadian eTax receipt that has already been sent.

Alternatively, you can change the profile of a Pledge-a-thon donor who made an offline cash/check donation.

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