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How do I delete a participant?

For auditing purposes, you cannot delete a participant. Nevertheless, you can handle this as follows: 

  1. If the participant has registered and paid twice and you wish to cancel one of their registrations:
    • First check to see if one of their fundraising pages has NOT received donations by viewing the Sponsors Grouped by Participants report. In which case, you should suspend and cancel the participant profile that does NOT have any donations associated with the fundraising account.
    • Skip this step if the participant has only registered once.
  2. Suspend the participant's fundraising page to remove them from public view. 
  3. If you wish to cancel the participant's registration and refund the registration fees
    • Follow the instructions to cancel a participant's registration making sure to zero out the quantity field to return their space into inventory. Transaction fees will apply.
    • Skip this step if you do not need to refund the registration fees, nor return their registration spot into inventory.

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