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How do I assign Product Managers for order notification or fulfillment?

Email notification will be automatically sent to the email address setup in the Notification section.

In addition, you have the option of assigning Product Managers to individual products. Product managers are given their own username & password allowing them to keep their contact information updated, view reports and, if you give them permission, handle order fulfillment. The GiftTool account manager has access to the master list of product managers, and can add or delete managers from the list.

Managers can log into their restricted accounts by clicking on the link provided in the confirmation email sent to the product manager when a sale is made. If required, you can also include the Product Manager Login link in your website.

  1. From the Setup section of the Shopping Cart menu, click Managers.
  2. Click Add Product Manager.
  3. Enter their name and contact details, and assign a password.
  4. Optionally, set access permission:
    • To send email notification each time a product associated with this manager is sold.
    • Allow access to confidential customer information, so that product managers can manage order fulfillment for products in their area of responsibility. You determine if the email should be restricted to include fulfillment information for only those ordered products that are assigned to this product manager, or if the email should include fulfillment information for ALL ordered products.
  5. Click Save.

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