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I am having difficulty logging into GiftTool

First, make sure that you are logging in with the correct username and password. The username and password are case sensitive, so please make sure you are using CAPS as required.

If you have forgotten the username and password for your master account, you can easily retrieve them from the login page.

  1. Simply click the "Forgot your password?" link located below the account login section (
  2. Enter the email address associated with the key contact person for your Master Account, as well as, your client ID which is located on your invoices.
  3. Your username and password will be sent to this email address.

Note: When you see that split-second addition of extra characters, you are actually seeing behind the curtain on what the system is doing to encrypt your passwrod in transit. Not to worry, you can ignore it and it won't affect your ability to login to your account with the correct username and password.

If the username & password for your master account are correct, the answer to your login problems may be as simple as:

  1. Checking that your CAPS lock is disabled
  2. Opening a fresh browser
  3. Rebooting your computer
  4. Checking to see if your computer accepts cookies by clicking
    If not, follow your browsers instructions to "Enable Cookies" and "Enable Javascript" in the security settings of your browser.
    Note, if you have been able to login in the past: are you connecting from a different computer or have you recently installed software which may have changed your security settings?
  5. Checking to see if Port 443 of your firewall is open, since the GiftTool BackOffice is "Https". A quick way to check this is to go to  Then add an 's' at the end of the 'http' in the URL  ( and click on some of the links.  If you are able to navigate our site using a secure browser, then Port 443 is not the problem.

If you are logging into GiftTool with the Event Coordinator password:

  1. Coordinators should log into their restricted accounts by clicking on the Admin link found at the top of either your Event Description page or your List of Events page.
  2. The event coordinator password has restricted access to the events for which they are listed as the event coordinator. Furthermore, event coordinators have limited access to functionality such as event setup & reports.
  3. The event coordinator password will not work in the general login section of

If you are still experiencing problems after following the instructions above, please contact GiftTool Support at 1-877-665-8665 and select option 2. 

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