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How do we update the GiftTool template to match our new web design?

GiftTool will need to update your template to match your new web design. As your secure pages are hosted on the GiftTool secure server, we need to duplicate your formatting and cannot simply tie into your design with HTML / PHP code. This is a fairly straightforward process for us. For PCI security reasons, you are not able to make these changes from your GiftTool account.

When you are ready to move forward at least 3-4 business days before your launch, please send an email to to coordinate the switch.

In your email, please include:

  1. The timing for your launch, so that we can time the switch to your new templates on the same day.
  2. For EACH service: The URL link to the web page with the final page design that we can match for your online pages.
    • For example, the pages should have all the accurate logos, navigation bars, and colours/style.
    • If you have more than one template for this service, then specify which version of the template to be changed (e.g. Donation.FR.v2.html, Athon.EN.v1.html). Or simply send us a link to the GiftTool page with the template to be changed.
    • If there is unique artwork for the page that does not currently exist on the site, then please create a sample HTML or PHP page with the correct artwork/images/navigation, leaving the center blank where we will position the GiftTool application.
    • The GiftTool application is not compatible with Frames or a website built as a flash file or PDF page. In which case, please contact GiftTool Support in advance, as we may need you to create a sample HTML or PHP page with the correct artwork and navigation links, leaving the center blank where we will position the GiftTool application.
    • Your GiftTool webpages are designed with a flexible width. So if your new website has a responsive design that automatically scales to the width of the device using CSS stylesheets optimized with @media for both web & mobile, the GiftTool application will be able to wrap around nicely in narrower mobile devices. See example. However, we are not able to integrate Twitter feeds, cufon fonts, Typekit webfonts or other elements that require javascript, as this conflicts with PCI compliance for credit card processing.
  3. As the website will likely be “staged” on your web development site in preparation for launch -- we will also need to understand how the navigation links will change once the site is launched (e.g. replace the with

We usually require 2-3 business days to make the changes once we have this information. There is a $50 service charge per major template change per service (e.g. to match different web page design), or a $25 service charge per minor template change per service (e.g. to change navigation; logo; or image).

If you have any questions, please contact GiftTool Support at 1-877-665-8665 and select option 2.

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