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How do I launch my survey or test to my audience?

To launch a survey or test to your audience, you can simply insert the URL link either into your web site or the email sent to your audience. Data entered by your survey or test respondent will be encrypted before it is sent over the Internet. This ensures that any confidential information is securely handled.

To launch your survey or test:

  1. From the Setup menu of the Tests & Surveys service, click Manage
  2. Locate and Copy the URL links found below the name of your survey or test.
  3. Paste the link URL into your web site or email:
    • Make sure to include the ‘s’ in ‘https://’. 
    • The link can be associated with an image, button, or text.
    • Test your links once you go live. When testing links do not click submit on the final page to avoid processing your transaction.

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