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How do I setup my GiftTool account for credit card processing?

Step 1 - Do you already have a Payment Gateway? Back to Top

The first step is to determine if your organization already has a Payment Gateway that is supported by GiftTool (sometimes referred to as a merchant gateway, merchant account, online credit card processor, internet gateway, etc).

If so, we can enter the information for your gateway into your GiftTool account, and you’ll be ready to process online transactions within minutes. 

If you don’t already have a supported Payment Gateway, then you can sign up with any one of these GiftTool-supported Payment Gateways.

Step 2 - Complete Appendix A Back to Top

Next, you will need to provide GiftTool with the necessary access information so that your GiftTool account will be able to connect to your Payment Gateway for instant credit card processing. The gateway access codes required by GiftTool are detailed on our Appendix A form, which you should complete and fax back to GiftTool at 1-604-637-7338. You can request an additional copy of this form by emailing

For security reasons: Do NOT send this information via email, either directly in the body of an email or as an attachment. Instead, please fax the document to our office, or call our toll free number to speak with a GiftTool Support representative.

Step 3 - We will connect your account to this gateway Back to Top
Once we have this information, we will make the connection as soon as possible so that you can begin processing credit card transactions through your GiftTool account.
Step 4 - You are all set for credit card processing! Back to Top

Although each Payment Gateway provider has a slightly different set-up process, there are some universal tips to consider:

  1. You should disable any kind of TEST mode in your Payment Gateway before processing credit card transactions through GiftTool, as GiftTool does not have the concept of a test transaction with a credit card.
  2. Before going live, you or someone in your office may want to process a small transaction with a credit card to ensure that the online process is functioning smoothly.

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