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How do I re-activate an archived Pledge-a-thon?
  1. Click Pledge-a-thon to view the Main Menu of this service.
  2. From the Setup section, click Manage Pledge-a-thons.
  3. Select the Archived tab.
  4. Click Activatenext to the Pledge-a-thon you would like to re-activate.
    • This Pledge-a-thon will then immediately be visible in your Active tab.
    • Supporters will be able to view your Pledge-a-thon and make donations on the participant fundraising pages.

TIP: Never re-activate an old Pledge-a-thon to repurpose it for a new event, as all the past data will be associated with this Pledge-a-thon. Instead, use the copy function to create a new Pledge-a-thon based on an archived one.

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