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Sample Report: Donations - Recurring donations only

To create a Custom Report restricted to recurring donations only:

  1. Click the Account link located in the top right corner of your GiftTool BackOffice account.
  2. Click Custom Report.
  3. To create a new report, click Add Custom Report.
  4. On page 1:
    • Select a date range for your report by clicking the Date Picker icons.
    • Enter the Report Name.
    • Select the currency of the transactions to be displayed.
    • For GiftTool Services: check "Donations"
    • For Also Include: check whatever you wish to display (e.g. Report header, Tax Receipt numbers, Profile fields, and In Tribute fields). You can always disable these once you have seen the report.
    • Click Next
  5. On page 2, determine the columns shown:
    • Try moving all the fields into the “Show Columns”. Once you have seen the report, delete unnecessary columns as required by dragging them back to the "Don't show columns" list.
    • The "Sponsorship Details" column will display the Targeted Giving Program chosen by the donor when making the online donation.
    • The "Activity" or "Activity ID" column will display the Appeal Name or ID number of the appeal form used by the donor when making their online donation.
    • The "Recurring Payment Frequency" column will indicate whether the transaction is a onetime, monthly or quarterly donation.
    • Click Next
  6. On page 3:
        Condition Field Operator Value
       1 Recurring Payment Frequency equals Monthly
       2 Recurring Payment Frequency equals Quartely
    • In row 1 - Create a filter to restrict data to Monthly Donations only by typing "Monthly" in the Value (case sensitive).
    • In row 2 - Create a filter to restrict data to One-Time Donations only by typing "Quarterly" in the Value (case sensitive).
    • In the Advanced Filter Logic field, enter "1 OR 2". This ensures that your report shows all transactions for either monthly or quarterly.
  7. Click Save & Runto view your report.
    • Review the Excel and determine which columns you do not need. Repeat step 5 to remove unnecessary columns, and rearrange the remaining columns to your liking.
    • Use your computer functions, to print or save a copy of the report.
    • Having difficulty viewing Excel reports?
  • If you first run the report without any filters, you can see which data you want to filter on and copy/paste the exact value into your filter.
  • Filters are "AND"ed together if no advanced filter logic is provided.
  • For ID fields, the prefix letter (R, S, D, etc) before the ID cannot be filtered on. Instead filter on the Service field (Registrar, Shop, Donation, etc).
  • Date values must be in the form YYYY-MM-DD.

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