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What if an event participant intending to pay by cheque, wants to pay by credit card?

If you have an event participant who originally registered with the "Pay by Cheque" option, but later changed his/her mind and would like to pay using a credit card:

  1. First, log into your Payment Gateway and process the credit card transaction manually.
  2. Then, follow these steps to record the payment in your GiftTool BackOffice:
    • From the Administration menu of the Registrar service, click Registrants
    • Choose your event from the drop down menu and click Profile beside the name of the registrant.
    • Within the Profile, in the Event Order Transactions area, click the Offline Payments link.
    • Manually record the amount of offline transaction, with a note that this was manually processed by credit card and enter the authorization code provided by your Payment Gateway.
    • Click Save Changes to update the Balance Due column in your reports.

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