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About eTax Receipts

Canadian electronic tax receipts are encrypted in compliance with CRA regulations so that they cannot be tampered with. Receipts are automatically bilingual in French and English.

With GiftTool, registered Canadian charities can generate numbered eTax receipts for charitable donations. GiftTool issues a digitally encrypted Portable Document Format (PDF) file which is sent as an email attachment. Each eTax receipt is automatically given its own number, based on ranges of tax receipt numbers which you have defined in advance.

Types of eTax receipts which can be issued by GiftTool:

  • Automatic eTax receipts for one-time donations: One-time donors automatically receive an eTax receipt immediately after they make an online donation. This receipt is sent in a second email, in addition to the email with their payment confirmation.

  • Automatic eTax receipts for recurring donors: Donors making recurring donations will receive an annual consolidated eTax receipt for all donations made throughout the year, just in time for tax season.

  • Manual eTax receipts for offline donations: You can also use the GiftTool system to manually issue one or more electronic tax receipts by importing a list of donations received offline outside of the online donation process. These receipts will be automatically sent as an email to the donor on your behalf, along with your customized message. Copies of these manual eTax receipts will be stored along with the automatically issued receipts.

Before using the GiftTool eTax receipt service, please carefully review your eTax receipt sample design ensuring that all required information is present and accurate. For further information about CRA regulations governing charitable tax receipts, visit their website:

  • In accordance with CRA regulations, Canadian eTax receipts are issued in the name of the credit cardholder, instead of the first & last name entered by the donor.
  • Nevertheless, if you feel that it is appropriate to issue a tax receipt in the name of a different donor, follow these instructions to cancel & reissue a tax receipt.
  • If you want to make this point clear to your donors, you can include the following message on your Donation, Participant Donation, Request to Sponsors Donation and/or Registrar Donation pages:

    English: Please note that an official tax receipt will be issued under the cardholder's name. The Income Tax Act does not permit us to issue tax receipts to anyone other than the donor (the person or company whose name is on the credit card).

    French: Veuillez noter qu'un reçu officiel aux fins d'impôts sera émis au nom du détenteur de la carte. La Loi de l'impôt sur le revenu ne nous permet pas de délivrer des reçus à une personne autre que le donateur (la personne ou la société dont le nom figure sur la carte de crédit).

  • See CRA video: Who is the True Donor?

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