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About Donation Reports

The Donation service reports help you analyze data your online donations generated across activities (appeal, and through event or membership registrations). GiftTool provides many ready-to-use reports, each available in several report types and formats. For each report you can choose the activity type and the date range. How do I view Excel reports?

Report name

Provides information about

Total Orders

This Excel Spreadsheet contains all information related to every donation transaction for the activity type and date range selected, including the answers to any questions, targeted giving program, and tribute information if collected.

Question Details

If you have included additional questions in your appeal form, the responses to these questions will be listed in this report. This report includes donor comments made up until June 21, 2009.

Tribute Details

If you have included the In Tribute section in your appeal form, the tribute information collected will be included in this report, so that your staff can handle the fulfillment of these acknowledgement cards or emails. The system does not automatically send an acknowledgement.

ETax Receipt Details
[All Activities]

A listing of all Canadian eTax Receipts for donations made during a specific date range. The date range specified relates to the date that the donation was made (not the date that the receipt was issued). The report will list both the donation & issuance dates, and also lists the source of the donation (appeal; batch import for offline donations; yearly receipt for recurring donors; Pledge-a-thon donation; etc).

Custom Orders Reports
[Across Activities] 

If you have created one or more custom order report(s) in the Account section that contains donor information, these reports will also be accessible from the Donation Reports page.

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