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How do I hide, cut or move columns in an Excel spreadsheet?
  1. Use the Excel functions to hide a column:
    • In your Excel spreadsheet, highlight the column to be hidden (learn how).
    • With the column highlighted, right click with your mouse & select Hide Column.This will hide the column from view but not delete the data.
  2. Use the Excel functions to delete or move a column:
    • You will first need to remove any formating for merged cells:
      • Highlight all the cells in the entire spreadsheet (learn how to select All table rows and columns)
      • Once you’ve highlighted all cells, right click on your mouse & select Format Cells
      • Click the Alignment tab, uncheck the box beside Merge Cells and click OK.
    • With the Merged Cells formating removed, you can now easily cut and/or move columns to a different location.

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