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How do I create a General Donation page for our Pledge-a-thon?

To create a General Donation page that is not associated to any specific participant, you can register an additional “participant account” as follows, making some alterations so that it can be used for general donations:

  1. Sign-up as a participant but instead of entering a first & last name, you can enter a first name = General and a last name = Donation.
  2. Login to this fundraising account and click "Edit Web Page" to update the page by
    • Uploading a photo
    • Selecting the "Sponsor US" button instead of "Sponsor Me".
    • Updating the page title to "Make a General Donation"
    • Changing the personal message on the page to be more generic such as:
    Welcome to the general donation section for {add_your_event_name} To make a general donation to {add_your_event_name}, click on the "Sponsor Us" button. If you wish to make a donation to a specific individual, click on "Sponsor a Participant" link above. Thank you for your generosity!
    • … and don’t forget to save your changes.
  3. You can then embed a hypertext link to this donation page on the following pages of your setup:
    • In the Pledge-a-thon Description (click Description grey tab), and update your description with the new Donate link which people can click to make a general donation that takes people to this page.
    • Optionally, you can add the link to all participant donation pages shown to online donors (click Sponsors light blue tab). For example, you could write something like… "Please enter the amount you would like to donate on behalf of this participant. Or to make a general donation click here." The "click here" would be a hypertext link to your general donation page.

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