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How do I change my mailing or billing address?

Your account is associated with two types of addresses: Billing Address and Mailing Address. Unless otherwise specified during your account setup, your account has been setup with the same information for both addresses.

  • Invoice Billing Address:

    This is your organization's billing address listed on your monthly GiftTool invoices. To ensure the smooth functioning of your account, please let us know immediately if this billing address changes. You will see this address listed on the Dashboard page in your GiftTool BackOffice account.

    To change your billing address for GiftTool Invoices:
    1. Send an email with your new billing address to
    2. Changes will usually be made within 1 - 2 business days.
  • Payment Mailing Address:

    This is your organization's mailing address shown to your customers who register for an event or membership and pay by cheque or money order instead of by credit card. This mailing address will only be displayed if you have setup your Event, Pledge-a-thon or Membership registration form to allow offline payments.

    To change the payment mailing address shown to registrants paying by cheque or money order:
    1. An authorized representative of your organization must register any new payment mailing addresses with GiftTool. This security measure ensures that payments intended for your organization are correctly routed. The authorized representative can send an email to with your new mailing address to be shown to customers when making a non-credit-card payment.
    2. Changes will usually be made within 1 - 2 business days.

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