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How do I view a list of credit cards that are about to expire?

For recurrring payments, to view a list of credit cards that are about to expire:

  1. Click Donations to view the Main Menu of this service
  2. From the Administration section, click Recurring Payments
  3. Select the status type Recurring Payments - Active (Expired Card).
  4. As a next step:
    • Recurring donors will be highlighted in yellow if their card is about to expire or already has expired. This allows you to contact the donor directly and ask for their new credit card information. This is a great opportunity to build a stronger relationship with that donor, because your recurring donors are your strongest supporters! By contacting these donors directly, you have the opportunity to personally thank them for their ongoing support, let them know how their contributions have been able to help, and ask if they would like to increase their recurring donation, in addition to, asking for their new credit card information.
    • Update a recurring payment.


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