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Why was my customer charged twice on their credit card?

Your customer may have been charged twice on their credit card for one of the following reasons:

  • When both transactions appear in your GiftTool reports with different Order ID numbers.
    The customer has successfully completed the transaction on two separate occasions.
  • When only one transaction appears in your GiftTool reports:
    While the first credit card transaction was being processed behind-the-scenes, the card was approved. However, an error occurred when transmitting the success message back to the credit card issuer, or to the merchant account, or to the payment gateway, or to GiftTool. Regardless of where the error occurred, GiftTool would have received a timed-out or error response from your payment gateway. Given this error response, the transaction would not be recorded to your GiftTool account, nor would your customer have received a successful confirmation message. Instead your customer would have been asked to try again.
    • As a next step, please send an email to with the transaction details (order IDs listed in your payment gateway; transaction date; amount; cardholder name), so that we may investigate the error.
    • To refund the cardholder, please login to your payment gateway account to refund the first credit card transaction that is missing from your GiftTool reports.
    • If this transaction is also missing from your payment gateway reports, then your payment gateway was also unsuccessful in recording this transaction. In which case, ask your payment gateway or merchant account provider how to proceed. If they cannot help you, you may need to have your customer contact their Credit Card company to have the first transaction removed from their statement.

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