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Can I have the money deposited into different bank accounts?

Your GiftTool account can only be associated with one Payment Gateway account connecting to a single bank account for each currency. Furthermore, your Payment Gateway may only deposit the money processed online into a single bank account as well.

For GiftTool accounts with two or more GiftTool services (Donations; Event Registrar; Pledge-a-thon; Membership; Shopping):

  • If you wish to have the proceeds from each GiftTool service deposited to a different bank account, it is best to open additional GiftTool accounts which can be associated with your different Payment Gateway accounts.

For GiftTool accounts that are only setup for the Event Registrar or the Pledge-a-thon service:

  • If you wish to associate proceeds from each Event or Pledge-a-thon to a different bank account, this cannot be done if your events overlap in time without opening a new GiftTool account.
  • If your events do NOT overlap in time, then you should contact your Payment Gateway to see if they can switch the bank account into which funds are deposited. When the event is over, you can switch the bank accounts once more. Note that advanced notice and the appropriate paperwork may be required by your Payment Gateway to set this up.

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