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Uploading an image

Several GiftTool services allow you to upload an image, such as when creating a Pledge-a-thon or a Shopping Cart product.

Upload Default Image

To upload an image:

  1. Choose an image from your desktop by clicking Browse.
  2. Choose the product image you want to show and click Open.
  3. Click Update to upload the image.
    • This uploads the image to the GiftTool server.
    • Image file types must be one of: .gif, .jpg, .jpe, .png, or .ico
    • Image file size usually cannot be more than 100 kb in size, unless otherwise specified.
    • Having difficulty uploading a jpg image?
    • Retaining image quality for large images:  JPG images can be compressed to take up less computer space. The more you compress a file, the less depth you keep, and the quality of the photo can begin to suffer. For best results, set your camera to the highest quality, optimizing your images after the fact.
    • All images should be optimized for the web before uploading. Optimizing reduces the image file size making your web pages load more quickly. Try for help in optimizing your image.
  4. To replace an existing image, repeat steps 1-3.
  5. To remove an existing image, click Remove this image below the file name.
  6. Click Update & Next to continue; or Save when finished to save your settings to the system.

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