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2009-06-23: Custom Orders Reports

CUSTOM REPORTS... for ALL services...

Thanks to your feedback, we have launched new functionality for custom reporting. 

Now you can create Custom Orders reports across one or more GiftTool services:

  • Create as many reports as you need, across one or more GiftTool services Event Registrar, Pledge-a-thon, Donations, Membership, Shopping.
  • The Custom Orders report provides a break down by date of each transaction processed. You can also include a filter to create a report for one or more specific events, Pledge-a-thons, memberships, donation appeals, etc.
  • This report is more detailed than the Journal report, providing additional information about the order (items purchased, tax receipt numbers, member IDs, etc) and can accommodate filters to restrict the data to specific parameters.
  • Learn more about Custom Orders reports.

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