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2010-11-08: Issue membership cards automatically

Now you can configure your membership forms to have a Membership Card automatically included in the on-screen and email confirmation.  This new feature is available at no extra cost for clients subscribed to the GiftTool Membership Service.

  1. How do I setup my membership form to issue Membership Cards automatically?
  2. See examples:
  3. Membership Cards will automatically include the:
    • Name of Membership
    • Expiry Date (not included for Lifetime Memberships with no expiry date)
    • Member ID
    • Member Full Name
  4. Did your member lose the email with their membership card?  Just follow these instructions to resend a membership card.
  5. Although membership cards will only be issued automatically to member's paying online by credit card, or for a free membership, you can follow these instructions to manually issue a membership card to a pending member.

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