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How do I refund or modify a donation order?

To modify or cancel a donation directly from your GiftTool account:

  1. Click Donations to view the Main Menu of this service
  2. From the Administration section, click Orders
  3. Click Search, narrowing your search as required to find the order to be modified.
  4. Click the Order ID number to view the Order Profile.
  5. Click the Modify button in the Orders section and follow the instructions:
    • To refund the entire donation, change the Net donation amount to $0.
    • To refund a partial amount of the donation, change the Net donation amount to the final amount of the donation. For example, if a donor made a donation of $1,000 but meant to make a donation of $100 only, then change the $1,000 Net donation amount to be $100 instead. This will result in a $900 refund. 
  6. Click elsewhere on the page or click the Submit Changes button, to see a confirmation of the total to be refunded. The blue box at the bottom of the page displays the impact this modification will have on the credit card.
  7. Select whether to have the donation refunded to the credit card. Or, if you have already refunded the donation amount, you can choose to simply record the change within the GiftTool database.
  8. When satisfied, click Submit Changes.
  9. If a Canadian eTax Receipt was issued for the original donation, you will need to cancel and/or reissue the tax receipt.


  • Your credit card processor (payment gateway) will automatically process the refund, if you select the option to refund to the credit card.
  • You can only make changes to an order if the original order took place within the past 120 days. Changes to the original credit card transaction cannot be processed by most payment gateways within 90 - 120 days of the date that the card was last processed.
  • If you find that you are not able to process a credit card refund (either you receive an error message or that option is not available), you can choose "or just record this order" to have the transaction cancelled in your GiftTool database only. Then login to payment gateway and refund the money manually.
  • Modifying an order will create a new order entry in your reports, to ensure a historical trail of all past transactions.
  • The order status will be listed as:
    • Reversed when the money has been successfully refunded to the cardholder by your payment gateway.
    • Cancelled in your GiftTool database only, when the money has not been refunded through your payment gateway.
  • A confirmation email is NOT sent to the donor once you have modified/cancelled their order. 
  • GiftTool fees for modifying a donation are the same as any transaction.

Learn more about cancelling transactions for other services: Event Registrar, Membership, Pledge-a-thon, Shopping Cart.

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