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How do I send emails to participants & team leaders?

Do you want to send motivational emails to team leaders and / or participants to encourage greater fundraising efforts? Or, do you want to send reminder emails a week before your event?

To send emails to team leaders and/or participants from the GiftTool BackOffice:

  1. Just click Pledge-a-thon > Administration: Send Messages.
  2. Select your pledge-a-thon from the drop down menu.
  3. Either click Send an Email to create a new message, or click Send Copy beside an existing email message previously sent.
  4. Create your email:
    • Select your pledge-a-thon from the drop down menu.
    • Enter your subject line and email message.
    • You can upload an image, such as a logo, that will be included at the top of the HTML email. The image file size cannot be more than 100 kb in size. Try for help in optimizing your image.
  5. Click Next.
  6. To create your mailing list:
    • Select those registrant types who should receive this message.
    • If you wish to send an email to all participants and leaders, select all boxes for inclusion.
    • Type other email addresses in the Additional Emails section, along with the first and last names. Useful for test sending emails, or if someone else should be copied on this mailing.
  7. To test send a draft message:
    • Only include the email addresses who should receive this test message.
    • Once the message has been sent, you can create a copy of your test message by repeating the steps above, correct any errors and select which registrant types should receive your final email.
  8. Click Send Email when finished.
NOTE: PIPEDA, CAN-SPAM and other Email Marketing regulations, as well as the EU GDPR, may prohibit the sending of email invitations for new events to participants of a past event, if they have not opted-in to receive your emails for other activities not associated with the original event.

You MUST confirm that your email does not contravene EU, national and local email regulations before using this feature to send messages to participants.

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