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2008-03-26: Video Tutorials

Watch these online Video Tutorials to learn more about using GiftTool

  • Pledge-a-thon for Participants (6 minutes)
    1. Video describing how participants can effectively fundraise with their own personal Pledge-a-thon fundraising page (available soon in the participant login section).
  • Pledge-a-thon for Team Leaders (3 minutes)
    1. Video describing how Team Leaders can use their Pledge-a-thon accounts to motivate team members and raise more money (available soon in the team leader login section).
  • Event Registrar (42 minutes)
    1. Getting Started: Policies & Waivers; Event Coordinators; Event Categories; and Stylesheets. (Chapter 1 only)
    2. Creating an Event (Chapter 2 only)
    3. Adding Registrant Types & Group Registration (Chapter 3 only)
    4. Adding Event Options (Chapter 4 only)
    5. Adding Additional Items, Donations & Survey Pages (Chapter 5 only)
    6. Managing Registrant Profiles (Chapter 6 only)
    7. Reports (Chapter 7 only)
    8. Name Badges (Chapter 8 only)
    9. Adding Links to Go Live: Testing your registration pages; copying your event; and finding links by event & category. (Chapter 9 only)
  • Canadian eTax Receipts (7.5 minutes)
    1. Setting up & managing eTax Receipts for CA$ donations
    2. Emailing receipts in bulk for offline donations
  • Your GiftTool Account - The Basics (3 minutes)
    1. Optimal viewing of GiftTool training videos
    2. Changing contact information and passwords
    3. Viewing invoices
    4. Journal reports for bank reconciliations

Updated March 26, 2009

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